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The resources referenced in this page are general web sites that are related to topics covered in the book, Data Structures and Algorithms in C++. The contents of these sites are not directly affiliated with this work, however, and may change at any time. For applets that were contributed to specifically illustrate topics from the textbook, please see the animations page.

Chapter 1: Basic C++ Programming.

Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Design.

Chapter 3: Analysis Tools.

Chapter 4: Stacks, Queues, and Deques.

Chapter 5: Vectors, Lists, and Sequences.

Chapter 6: Trees.

Chapter 7: Priority Queues.

Chapter 8: Dictionaries.

Chapter 9: Search Trees.

Chapter 10: Sorting, Sets, and Selection.

Chapter 11: Text Processing.

Chapter 12: Graphs.

Supplement B: Supplemental Materials.